Labels done!

All of these quilts needed a label.  7 of them!!!  Last night with a glass or two, (make that three) of red wine, 5 of them were done!!!  Last one finished this evening and all back on top of the wardrobe and now time to carry on with all the outstanding projects from earlier in the year!!  Oh what to work on next?


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5 Responses to Labels done!

  1. liz norris says:

    Good on you Annette,is that the rest of the wine I see over the bedcovers!!! Oh no sorry that is the colour of them.hehehe

  2. Janet says:

    Why can’t we see them though????? Good one Liz, hahahaha. but my Annette would not spill good wine, well not on purpose, she might sling it over someone!!

  3. maggi21 says:

    Well done. I am very bad and only label if they are going into a show and hen I have to!! (Don’t tell your mum!)

  4. sheppeylass says:

    Hey, come on and use that fabulous new camera and show us the quilts!!!!! 🙂

  5. Janet says:

    She is saying they are already on here but unfinished, I say that doesn’t matter it is always nice to see the finished product, so come on, show us yours and we will show you ours!!!!!! hee hee
    MAGGI I heard that, shame on you, I have a ‘right go’ at the ladies in my group if there is no label on their Quilts, they are wise to me and pin a piece of paper on with the info saying label to be done later…hmmmmmmm I wonder……

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