Being Lazy..

Still no sewing going on and don’t think there will be anymore this year!!!  Haven’t finished my christmas shopping yet, flat is a bombsite, ironing pile  grows constantly, work is busy, and I’m tired!!!  Grrrrrr!

However, I have lots of piccies to share with you, so many infact that I hope there is enough room on here!!!!  Hahahaha!!

Rebecca has now finished school for two weeks!!  The joy!  🙂  Speaking of madame, how lucky was she….  a big brown box was delivered a while ago and in it was a whole collection of Mini Morris fabrics which she had won from a Popular Patchwork competition, a metre piece of each fabric!!!!

Aren’t they lovely!!!

Here are some of the quilts I have managed to finish so far.  The green one is for my friend Maggie at work, she asked if I could make her one for her mum for christmas.  The small quilted panel is mine using sari silk, hand quilted a long time ago!!  The multi quilt was given to me by Mum and that is ready to go towards the H4H pile and the blue quilt was sent to me by Susan which is also for H4H.

Birthday pressies are next, was totally spoilt and had a lovely day, thank you to everyone!!  Money, fabric and maltesers from Mum.  Bubbly, fabric and MB from Suzanne & Richard.  Cold Feet DVD box set and tissues from Dad.  Chocolates & Hand lotion from Maggie.  Hat and scarf From Ilknur.  Slipper boots from Reb.  Choccies, Perfume and Pooh Bear from Clint. My beautiful bag from Zana, she gave me money and I went to Next to buy this beauty!!! How lucky was I!!!

This is my favourite hanging so far!!!  My Peacock!!  I bought this pattern a few years back when we went to the FOQ and have finally finished it, have never beaded so much on one thing!!!  Absolutely love it!!!  Thanks for all the beads Mum!!!!

My Round Robin Quilt.  This was a private swap between myself, Mum, Marian and Joan. 

We each chose our own centre block to do then posted to each other adding a border on the way, finally returned and here is mine, again I love it and would definitely like to do it again next year!!!!  You up for it ladies????

And here are my lovely work girlies, just so you can put a face to the names!! Maggie, Ilknur and Me!!!  Quoffing champagne of course!!!

Hope you have had a good time looking through my busy post!!!  Now it’s time for you to make a cup of tea!! 

Until the next time!  Cheers!!!! 🙂

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5 Responses to Being Lazy..

  1. liz norris says:

    Well you have been busy!! Congrats to Rebs what lovely fabrics! Lucky girl!
    All the photos are good and thank you for taking the time and showing us. Love to you all for a very happy Christmas and a healthy new year to you and yours! regards Liz xx

  2. Caz says:

    What lovely fabrics that Reb has won,,,, and I love the bag! Nice to see you have been busy with those quilts.
    Caz xxx

  3. joan says:

    Gosh what a busy girl you have been. What lovely fabric Reb has won, has she any ideas what to make , congrats Reb…
    I would love to have another go, if you are doing another swap.
    It looks as if you are really enjoying yourself,
    Wishing you, Reb, and the rest of your family a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year,

    love to all

  4. Janet says:

    Great photos, I like the way yu have put them too. Saves space!!!! I am up for it but not sure if the others have finished theirs yet? You seem to have finished quite a few things regardless of all the working, so you int done too bad. Well done on all of it.
    lol mum xxx [janet]

  5. Janet says:


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