Lucky Me!!

As promised, here is a picture or two of all the presents I was lucky enough to receive for christmas!  Cannot believe how many there are!!!

Thank you to all the lovely people I know and for all the gifts you bought for me!!  I love them all. XXX

Rebecca is back to school tomorrow after a two week break, so we are both looking forward to that, reb so she can get to see her friends and me because I can play my music loud and when I go shopping it won’t cost as much as it has been!!!!!  Hahahaha!!

Am actually hoping to get some sewing done as haven’t been doing any for months, so many things I want to start but the UFO’s need to be shifted first as am sure I didn’t get them all done last year, so that would be a good start!!!

I was playing with the macro bit on my camera the other day and took a picture of this flower, I don’t like flowers but close up this is beautiful,

don’t you think!

I have also decided that I will not be buying any fabric this year, for one I have found it to be really expensive at the moment and two I really do not need any!!!  Although saying that, there is still the FOQ to take into consideration, but that is a major treat day isn’t it!!!!!  Hahahahaha!!!    If I did buy any however, I will of course keep you informed!!! 🙂

Am off now to sort out my sewing table, so I can at least see it and hopefully get creating on it very soon!!!

Until another day!!!


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5 Responses to Lucky Me!!

  1. Irene B says:

    Happy New Year Annette. The flower photo is gorgous! I’ve promised not to buy any more fabric………
    Irene B

  2. Caz says:

    I am also going to try and not buy any fabric this year!! Lovely pressies!!!
    X Caz X

  3. liz norris says:

    Love the photo of the flower Annette. Happy New year to you and Reb’s. Of course you don’t need to buy any fabric just pop round your mums haha!!!!

  4. Janet says:

    Annette, go in closer to the flower you should be able to get right inside it, then I can thread paint it. hee hee Gosh you had a load of stuff, how come I didn’t see all that????
    mum x

  5. maggi21 says:

    Hmm, lots of chocolate there, I wonder if there is any left by now? I’m not going to buy any more fabric either this year. If the comments above are any indication of the general population it looks like the quilt shops are going to be struggling for business this year. Brilliant macro photo.

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