Well hello first of March!!!  Have got my windows open, music on loud and singing along to Coldplay, hoping it’s going to be a good day and not a boring one!!

Not much sewing been happening here as have been a bit ill with a cold/annoying cough, so haven’t felt like doing anything apart from sleeping and playing my DS, unless you count mending my work trousers!!

As you will know by reading Mum’s blog, Reb was in hospital last week, she had to have an operation to remove a tooth which had fused to her jawbone, thankfully she was knocked out for it as there was no way that would have been very pleasant to be awake for!  We were there for ten hours in total, and most of that was sitting around waiting for it to happen.  Bored.com did not even come close!! So fed up, but when they did eventually take her up, it was amazing how quickly the stuff worked, all I keep remembering is her arm falling from me, totally conked out!!! 🙂  And they were really impressed with me as I didn’t cry! Apparantly most parents get upset, told them they need to get a grip!!!  Harden up people!!  Although I have to say, once I was on my own and I’d read a message from my friend Ilknur, a few tears did drop!  What a wuss!!  So, apart from having a bitch nurse in the evening to contend with, we got home, kept her off school for rest of week and not once did that gorgeous girl of mine complain of any pain!!!  Love her so much.xx

Work is okay apart from my friend Maggie, she has gotten ill again so is off work and I miss her lots.  Hoping she gets sorted very soon as it’s not the same without her, and it’s her birthday today and I can’t see her, will be calling her later on though, she doesn’t escape me that easily!!

Looking forward to next weekend as I am on holiday, had to use it up or lose it, so roll on two gorgeous lie ins!!! Mmmmmmm!! Might even consume some magic pop!! Hehehehe!!

Am off now to do my ironing, and think about my next project, as I feel I should really do something with all the stash in the cupboard!!!  Until next time!!


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3 Responses to Hello!

  1. maggi21 says:

    Good to hear from you and glad you are feeling better. Well done Rebecca.

  2. liz norris says:

    Nice to hear from you again and pleased to hear Reb has recovered from her ordeal! Love to you allXX

  3. Janet says:

    She did really well didn’t she, we are proud of her bless her. Not a nice thing to have to have done. You did well too, I would have bawled I know.
    Give my love to Maggie when you see her.
    See you tomorrow at bus stop!!!
    mum x

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