Random stuff!!!

How bad am I not doing my blog for over a month!!!  Oh well, am here now and that’s all that matters.  I have been ill again, bloody dust in this flat I tell ya!!!  It’s the computer’s fault really, you see it was making a dodgy noise and I thought it was going to blow up, so I told dad and he preceded to take the thing apart and show me where all the dust lives, not good, as most of it went up my nose, oh the joy!!  So I went to town with Mum and we bought some Piriton, man is that some good stuff!!!  Took some in the afternoon and it knocked me out, took some more when I went to bed and I really don’t remember getting into it!!  Magic!!!  have to keep it on the quiet though, as they’ll all want it where I live!!!! LOL!!!!

Have been sewing a secret project at the moment, no photos of it though until the top is completed, could be a while, so check back in a year!!!  Hahahaha!!  It’s going to be lovely when it is finished though, have only started it last month and loving it already, mind you it is all foundation piecing so I have to concentrate, and believe me, that’s hard!!!

Clint and I are still together, six months already!! That time went really quick.  It was his birthday two weeks ago, so had a little celebratory drink at the club..

He’s still a mad fool,  some people don’t like him but Reb and I do and that’s all that matters, he cares about us and surely that is a good thing.

Have started getting into the programme C.S.I!!  How did I ever manage without it, it is fab!  Tuesday evening’s are sorted for me now, as there are about 3 of them on, one after the other!!!  Although now I have Sky, am sure there is a channel which has it on all day!!!  Hahaha!!!  Must dig out some hand sewing as I feel it could become a regular feature!!! :-)))

Rebecca has joined a Jewellery making club at school during lunchtimes recently, and she came home with a pair of earrings which she had made, very nice too!!  Little pearl drops with silver hooks..

Aren’t they gorgeous!!!  Of course I had to try them on :-)))  They looked lovely and felt a bit weird too, as haven’t worn earrings for years.  The reason being that I always had problems with gold or silver ones before, so I was told to try White gold ones and yesterday I treated myself to some small studs and am pleased to say that no problems at all now, which is really good as I have seen these babies….

I really want some emeralds!!!!  Hahaha!!!  Best start saving!! Just a few pounds ££££££!!!!

Anyway, am off now to go and work a little bit more on my secret.  I shall try not to leave my blog so long next time!  Happy sewing peeps!! 🙂

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2 Responses to Random stuff!!!

  1. Kerstin says:

    Hi Annette, lovely to see you around again. Great earings Reb made. Cool.
    Looking forward to see you secret project.
    Congratulations to your six month anniversary
    hugs Kerstin

    PS. Is Reb still learning German?

  2. Janet says:

    WOW she gonna be a Jeweller now then????
    Best keep slinging the pennies in the jar if you want those then!!!! hahaha
    Hmmm it’s not that I don’t ‘like’ him – you know he just ‘ticks’ me off sometimes. I guess he will never change……once a prat…..hahaha
    As you say as long as he is good to you two, and believe me he better not be anything else.
    Do you hear Mr. M ?

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