Am so bad!!!  Am not keeping up with things, too busy reading!!  Reb has lent me her Harry Potter books, I just keep reading them, get quite annoyed when I have to put it down I can tell you!! 🙂

Getting a little excited at the moment, Reb and I are going to Wales with Clint next month as he wants us to meet his mum and she wants to meet us as she is in her eighty’s, bless her!!!  Chatting to Mum just now who was chatting to her friend Di, and she told me about a quilt museum in Wales, guess what…. It’s only in the same chuffing place!!!  Hahahahaha!!!  Will have to have a little nag in his ear me thinks this evening and every day till it sinks in!!! This is the link to the place…


Hahahaha!!!  He can wait outside or go for a walk!!! 🙂

Have been working on the secret project, it’s getting there!  A few more months work yet and then the top will be finished, then it will be time to quilt it or should I say put it away for a few years!!!  Hee hee!!

Don’t you just love it when you can be messy!!!  The only trouble was it went through to the other rooms too!!!  Oh well!

Today was an eventful one!  Yesterday I lost the back of my earring, do you think you can find those little buggers!!  Mind you it could have fell off on the way to school, over at the shop or even in the hoover!!  So, went to H Samuel today to see if I could buy a replacement and the lovely lady ‘Joy’ gave me two backs for free!!!  How cool was that?  And she was the lady who sold them to me, I told her so maybe she liked me!!!  Will definitely be going back there again when I want some new ones!!! Yay!!

Not long now to the F.O.Q., no saving has taken place though, but am not that worried as it’s payday just before I go!! hahaha!!  Have decided am not buying fabric apart from backing for my secret project, will be purchasing threads and cramming as many photos as I can as will only be going for the one day this year. 🙂

Am off now to tidy up a bit before the whirlwind comes home!! That would be Reb!!  Happy sewing and more another day!!!


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6 Responses to Happy!!!!

  1. maggi21 says:

    Have a great time in Wales. Looks like your secret project may involve some paper piecing! How good to hear about some better-than-good customer service for a change.

    • stashmaker says:

      Hi Maggi, thank you!! Yes, it is mainly all paper pieced which is why it is taking a long time as I have to make sure I get it right!!! And I agree with you, she was so helpful and I will definitely be going back again.

  2. Caz says:

    A fan of Harry Potter, eh, NN??? Me too! Enjoy Wales!!

  3. jan says:

    Groan….Rebecca brought up the HP DVD’s for us to watch and enjoy!!!! I am so sorry to all you HP fans but I hated the darn things, so much of the filming was done in the dark, what is the poiint of that I ask myself. Hubby was getting really annoyed at it, Reb got upset and I was utterly bored. I much prefer Twilight series. Loved the Books, the films are hmmm soso OK, I just enjoy reading. Mind you, I did like Edward in the film.

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