Still reading!

Yep! Am still reading the potter books, I don’t mind how long it takes me as there’s no rush, have got quite a pile of other books to read too by the side of my bed!!  I shall get there in the end though.

Just a few more weeks and it shall be the big school holiday, hurrah! Mind you saying that, I have so much to do that it probably won’t get done at all, which is always the way it seems!

I have joined in two swaps on the Popular Patchwork forum.  One is a strip swap, 2 1/2″ strips of red and we can add the white fabric, looking forward to that one as I haven’t made  a two colour quilt yet, I tend to just throw all colours in, so this will make a nice change.  The other swap is a block swap, where we have to make the other person’s block of their choice and then we all get what we want and turn it into whatever we want, sounds good to me!!

Not saying much about the weather, but, basically it’s crap!

Have been asked by my fella to not go to London whilst the olympics are on, due to possible terrorist attacks. Flipping heck! We wanted to go to Buckingham Palace again as we converted out tickets from last year into a yearly pass.  I suppose I should be grateful he is thinking of us, but why can’t the terrorists just bugger off and leave us alone!  I know it’s only for two weeks but it does vex me, grrrrrr.

So, shall have to plan other things for those weeks now.  Decorating could be an option, stress the word COULD!!!!  Hahahaha!!

Anyway, I must go as have to make a cup of tea as am sure Reb will be home soon and I need to enjoy the quiet for that little while longer!!!  Until next time….

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2 Responses to Still reading!

  1. jan says:

    Hmm, but you are big enough to make your own mind up about that……If we all stop doing what we want to cos of some damn idiots what will become of us, besides he hops off most weekends doesn’t he………

  2. maggi21 says:

    I agree about missing London because of the Olympics but not for the same reason. Everyone will be hiking up their prices which is a good reason for staying away. Enjoy thinking about everything that you have to do.

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