Lots going on picture wise!!!  Will just put them up and you will see what I mean!!

I have been working on my ‘secret’ which as you may have worked out is mostly all foundation piecing, hence the piccies above!!  Love all the little ‘ears’ , they looked even better on the carpet!!! 🙂

I turned my bed round, it gives me a bit more room now for twirling round in my chair and for sewing, not too mention getting dressed or boogieying to my music whilst drying my hair!!!  Caught my ear with the straighteners a few weeks back, ouch!!!  it hurt, but serves me right for being a pillock and prancing around!!!  I won’t do that again!!  Hahahaha!!

This is a UFO I am working on at the moment, fancied being let loose on a bit of quilting, you can only do so much paper pieceing for a while and then you get fed up of seeing it so much!!

These fabrics are what I was allowed to buy from a lovely lady called Betty, she is one of mum’s friends and is having a clear out and told mum that we had to go round and have a rummage through her stash!!!  I would have bought more but funds wouldn’t let me that day!!!  Am sure there will be another day though, so shall help her out even more next time!!! 🙂  She has fab taste in fabric!!!

I have to clear off now as need to make a block for a swap I am in, which I keep forgetting about, grrrr!!!  Catch up another day!!!  Am off for a twirl and singsong!!!  🙂

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2 Responses to Stuff!

  1. Caz says:

    What happens to all that stuff on your bed, when it is time for nightnights???

  2. maggi21 says:

    I take it that you are saving the ears for another project!!! Or maybe you can use them to attack with the straighteners – far less painful for you. UFO looks interesting and a nice set of fabric from Betty’s. Happy twirling.

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