A Finish!

Good news!!  I have finished a UFO!  Only basic quilting but at least it is done and out of the way.  Ready for another one now. Don’t you just love the backing fabric??  I do!!

Am on the last HP book and then I can start one of these… Mmmmm te only trouble is which one to choose….

I have joined in a Strip Swap on the Popular Patchwork forum, so I now have all these lovely 2.5″ strips to do with whatever I want… I have a few ideas but need a bit more time to decide for definite, aren’t they gorgeous?

This is my next project to start quilting,

The blocks belonged to Betty, the lady who I bought the fabric from, not sure what I shall do but am looking forward to working on something smaller for a change!!

Am liking the look of my To Finish list, things are finally being crossed off. 🙂

Happy times!! Mind you, you should see the To Start list!!  Hahahahaha!! No way!

Well, am off to sort some dinner out and possibly have a glass of wine, until next time……..




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2 Responses to A Finish!

  1. maggi21 says:

    Love the finished hanging. You’ll have trouble deciding which way to hang it as the back is gorgeous too. Where would we be without lists??

  2. jan says:

    Well done on finishing it, I really must get a UFO done, I haven’t done one for ages now, love that backing fabric is it a Marian special???? If you are not reading the books I will loan them when I have finished my library books if you like…hahahaha….nice reds, I like mine too….you just cannot beat a good old fashioned nine patch….and last but not least…you cal THAT a list!!!!! pffft!!!
    mum xx

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