So, as I said last time, we went to Wales for a few days.  We stopped off half way at Monmouth which is beautiful, so much so we have decided to retire there one day!! Had a good wander round, found the quilt shop, it’s called The Cotton Angel if anyone gets there one day, had lunch at the hotel we stayed in, The King’s Head, then sat outside with a large glass of wine people watching before we went to Pizza Express for dinner, lovely!

Monday we carried on to Clint’s mums, found the village she lives in but muppet couldn’t remember what road she lived on, five roads later and we found the house!!  Settled in after a while, then said we were going to go into Lampeter which is the nearest town, 6 miles away for dinner, got in the car, took the wrong turn again and ended up 12 miles away at Newquay!!  Did we laugh, was nearly wetting myself I can tell you, to make it even funnier we said to Reb, that somehow we had ended up in Cornwall, she believed us, so we just rolled up at that!!  Of course then trying to find the way back to his mum’s house in the pitch black was not so funny as we got mega lost and travelled way out!!!  We did get back in the end though, think it was about 11.30pm!!!  Hahahaha!!!  Welcome to Wales!!!

Tuesday, thankfully we were chauffered about by Clint’s stepdad, they took us to the beach at Aberaeron, that was lovely, just sitting and looking out to sea, totally relaxed, then they took us to a tiny secluded beach which I don’t even know the name of it, Clint and I went walking up the path and got some fantastic views, Reb didn’t want to come as it was too high up and quite close to the edge, so she stayed with the parents.

Wednesday, we went to Aberystwyth, (I forgot to take pictures wilst we were there lots of shops there, went on the pier and played slot machines, as you do!!  Didn’t like the beach much as it was black sand, eugh!!  Not the yellow stuff we are used to, had a little mooch about then back home as we were being taken out to dinner in the evening, lovely meal then major packing had to be done as homeward bound the next day.

Thursday, we called into Monmouth again as we loved it so much, had lunch at our hotel, quick wander round the town again to stretch the old legs then back in the car, stopped off at Raglan Castle, spent a good hour there getting some piccies, bought some souvenirs, home to Northampton, which took ages as so many traffic jams and roadworks not to mention the accidents and it was over 30’c in the car!  Got home, threw the bags in and walked to the pub for dinner as there was no way I was cooking when we got in as my flat was boiling!! Trolled home about 10, fell in bed and then work for four days straight!!!  ARGHH!!!

Apart from getting lost so many times, hee hee! it was such a good break and I really enjoyed myself, am sure Reb did too!!

Hope you enjoyed the piccies as much as I did taking them!

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2 Responses to Holiday!!

  1. Maggi says:

    Lovely photos. Looks like you had a good holiday. I don’t like satnav but it does appear that you may be in need of one – or a good map book and navigator:))

  2. Nicky says:

    Ha I met my husband in Aberystwyth – neither of us Welsh!

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