What to do???

Have got the hand quilting bug back and want to quilt this one….  just wondering what to do???  Do I do my basic in the ditch or go for something else, but what???

Am stitching binding down on one small quilt so need to decide pretty soon!!


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4 Responses to What to do???

  1. maggi21 says:

    Ha! Mine is still waiting for a quilting design inspiration to strike as well.

  2. sheppeylass says:

    Hi NN, I’ve caught that bug too! 🙂 How about something with a curve, like a fan or clamshell, allover to soften the angles? I’m hooked on big stiching at the moment, fast and effective.

  3. Janet says:

    I see feathers galore on this….

  4. Nicky says:

    Am I too late?? You could pick out some parts of the pieced design you want to emphasise! eg a friendship star, or the small squares on the diagonal, or the triangles. Have fun drawing on a printout of the photo and see what you like best!

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