Never ending!

Today has been fun!!!  It is now 5pm and the time is mine!!  Have been out and about doing jobs for people.

Sorting out an alleged leaking freezer for Clint today, (turns out it was unplugged!) Men! Defrosted and all food thrown out, looked some rather nice stuff too!!! Shame!

Sorting Mum’s mobile out closely followed by her new blog, mission accomplished!

Just added more blogs I follow to my blog and thought I’d have a little update on things!!!

My computer area is a mess, paper and receipts everywhere, am sure the mobile is underneath it all but who cares, not I!!!

My new mobile, (well newish, have had it since february) has had to be sent to the phone hospital as it was a little broken, am missing it so much, they would have received it today so am hoping for a speedy operation then it will come back to me!!!  Will have to give it a name whilst it’s away…….am thinking Harold????!!!  Don’t ask, I just do not know where I get these names from for things!!!  Must be the nuttiness in me!!

Lots of sewing to do and projects coming out my ears, need to be more organised.  This quilt is finished quilting wise, am stitching the binding down so that will be at least one thing out the way!!!

I need to post some things, catch up with my secret project and basically sort myself out!!!!!

Am off to make a cuppa!!!  Hahahaha!

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2 Responses to Never ending!

  1. Janet says:

    heehee sorry….that quilt looks familiar!!!!!

  2. maggi21 says:

    I think you deserve a cuppa after all that.

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