Just a few finished items!!!

Have been busy finishing things and normal things, basically the normal things were the boring bits which had to be done as no one else will do them, ie: defrosting the freezers and cleaning the cooker!!!  But am happy to say they are all done and it’s time to use and fill again!!

As for the finishing of things, well, I have finished my UFO which was in my last post, folded and ready for a new home.

I am in a few swaps on Popular Patchwork, an ATC card swap, a friendship block swap and a Row by Row swap.  These are the few blocks I have made so far and one of the ATC’s, I haven’t started the row by row yet as just need to print off the pattern once I replenish my ink in the printer.  Why is it that when I want to use it the ink always runs out???  Grrrr!!

Harold is home and am so happy he is, as was feeling very lost without him and was beginning to get hand ache/cramp from using a basic phone!!! Hahaha!!

Have got all my nice smelly candles out on my coffee table at the moment, love lighting them and then snuggling on sofa reading my book, much cheaper than putting the heating on!!  This one is my favourite at the moment, will need to buy some more next week ready for winter!!!

Am off now to find the pattern I am looking for as am working for the next three days and probably won’t feel like doing it when I get home, wine shall no doubt be calling me when I return!!  Hahahaha!!!

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2 Responses to Just a few finished items!!!

  1. WOW you are on a roll keep on going you will have all yours done then you can help me!!!

  2. gail says:

    Nice use of scraps in your latest project! I know what it is like to have fabric and quilts everywhere…my husband says they have taken over the house! Thanks for including me in your list of blogs. Gail

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