Pinned up!

Well, as I said, here are the quilts I pinned up the other night!

Am just going to do a vermicelli allover as am getting these ready for the legion geezers again, bless ’em!!

I have to share something really funny with you.  The other day when Clint was round, I caught him looking through this book,

‘The Essential Quilter Project Book by Barbara Chainey’

He was bored because I didn’t have the TV on and was reading. So when I was getting the quilts ready for pinning he casually says..

“Is that the stuff you put in the middle?  Don’t tell me, wadding, and is it polyester? cos the other stuff is wool batting and if you wash that you have to be careful of shrinkage!”  I couldn’t stop giggling as I was crawling round and then he says..

” And how are you going to mark it, with pens or a pencil??”  By this time I had snorted so much I needed a tissue, inbetween giggling I said “No I wasn’t marking it as I was gonna whack it under the machine!”

Eyes raised he said “Ahhh I see!!”   Think I might leave a few more books out for when he is here, it was so funny that it still makes me laugh!!

Today I received my Row by Row, I asked for Browns and Cream, it was made for me by a lady called Claire and I absolutely love it, really looking forward to receving my next row.

And it’s a great month for me as I have been the lucky one who gets my friendship blocks this time!!  Yay!!  Plus it’s my birthday later in the month and in a few weeks time Clint and I would have been seeing each other for a year, where did that time go?????  Hoping to have a nice dinner and possibly some fizz!!!  will drop hints!!  Hahaha!!

Am off to rummage in my fabric cupboard now!!  Enjoy the rest of your week!!!

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3 Responses to Pinned up!

  1. We will have him quilting before long then. hahahahaha

  2. Maggi says:

    A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Watch out or Clint will be raiding your stash.

  3. Have you done these yet? Shall I do them for you, I have nothing to do at the moment……

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