Why do things break just before christmas???

I don’t know, is the answer!  Am sure all the items in my flat are ganging up on me, first it was the printer and now it seems to be the computer, so you know what…… we have a new printer now, and I am going to get myself a laptop before they get all the other items involved too!!  Have decided which one to get, a red one, as they don’t make green, well, if they did I wouldn’t pay the price for it as am sure it would be mega expensive!  Just need to decide how much  ooomph I shall need in it!!!  (not sure of the technical term but ooomph works for me). Looking forward to getting a load of space in my lounge, know exactly how I shall move the furniture, which won’t be done until next year probably!!!

Have finished one of the UFO’s I put up last time, just haven’t got round to taking a picture of it yet, here it is in progress though:

Hopefully there will be more pictures next time, as can’t seem to find all the recent ones, had a bit of a tidy up and put them in folders, just not sure which folders I put them in!! I should not be let loose with a computer it would seem!!!


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One Response to Why do things break just before christmas???

  1. maggi21 says:

    Don’t you just hate it when everything goes wrong at once. Not sure whether it happening just before Christmas is a good thing or a bad thing – you could always add replacements to your wish list! The quilting looks good so fingers crossed that the sewing machine doesn’t join in with the other electrical items.

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