Wow!!  It’s 2013 already!!! For the last month I didn’t seem to get anything done, but am hoping to rectify that next week, once Reb is back at school!!!  I have taken my decs down, tidied my lounge, dewebbed the back of the sofa! (that was gross, and am not even embarassed to say it, hahaha!!!)  Dusting and myself do not get on!!!

I am definitely going to finish the projects I started last year which I didn’t finish.

I will learn to do a log cabin quilt.

I want to start my Kaffe quilt too.

Think that will do for now!!!

Am trying to work out how to alter the size of my pictures, it’s on here somewhere and I can’t seem to find it at the mo!!!  Will try again tomorrow as will only get stroppy in a minute!!!

Enjoy the rest of your new year’s day!!!

Am off to look at pretty things and who knows I may make a purchase or two!!!


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2 Responses to HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  1. Irene says:

    Happy New Year NN. Have a year full of inspiration and creativity. Irene x

  2. haha good for you, I do hope you wore your mask when de-webbing….it happens to the best of us, cept we wouldn’t be as honest as you….

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