200th Post!!

Well!!!  Apparantly this is my 200th post, so why not have a bit of a giveaway!!

I am going shopping in Kettering today to a fabric shop as it is my sister’s birthday on sunday, so whilst I am over there I will be buying a few goodies to put up as prizes!!  Make sure you check back later as I can then add the piccie and you can enter!!

Here are the pictures of a few of my christmas pressies, finally!!

xmas 2012 002 (800x600) From Rebecca

xmas 2012 003 (800x600) From Pat,

xmas 2012 004 (800x600) From Mum & Dad

xmas 2012 005 (800x600) From Clint

xmas 2012 008 (800x600) From Suzanne & Richard

I love all my presents and am so lucky to have got all the things I like.  Thank you everyone,xx

So, Christmas day this year was spent at Clint’s house, unfortunately he was on call for work as it was shut for two days and guess what, some numpty decided to break into it early in the morning, so at 10am christmas morning, Clint had to go to work for 5 and a half hours!!!  Happy days!!  We were left at his house with total rubbish on the TV, no internet, a cooker which is total cak I have to say and nothing else to do apart from open pressies and wait for the dinner to be cooked!!  By the time he came back we didn’t really feel like eating it!  But apart from that it was ok, the morning was funny as he got up and decided he was going to read a passage from his bible!!!  Well I nearly wet myself laughing, I didn’t realise he was being serious so when he started I snatched it out of his hands and threw it out the window and told him he’d be following it if he ever did that again!!!! Hahahaha!!! (Sorry to all the religious people out there if I have offended you but it was only done in jest and I am not a church person!!!)

Boxing day was fun, we went to Mum & Dad’s for dinner which was scrummy, lovely bit of Roast Beef!!  mmmmmmm, lots of food there too, played on the Wii, as Reb got the Just Dance game she wanted, Clint behaved so all good!! Mum & Dad liked their presents so all in all a good day!

All my decs have now gone back in the loft, lots more space in the lounge now, just need to sort out my bedroom then I can start sewing again.  Am not back at work until sunday so am hoping to get my bum in gear and start being productive!!!

Don’t forget to check back tonight for new piccies!!!  Enjoy your day!!

UPDATE: Due to the shop in Kettering being CLOSED, the giveaway will start from the weekend, give me time to find something else!!!  Sorry for the disappointment 😦

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2 Responses to 200th Post!!

  1. Caz says:

    Lovely lot of pressies there NN,,,,like the look of the fabrics from Mum and Dad,, are they Kaffe Fasset??

  2. hahaha be interesting to see what you put up from the shop then hahahaha. Your prezzies look good. Guess what I did?? I blooming deleted in error the video of Clint dancing to the video grrrrr

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