A floor just isn’t big enough!!!!!  Especially when you have to drag furniture out the way to try and work something out, grrrrr!!………

……..3 hours later and we have progress, just need to locate more pins as there is no way I am doing that again!!!

The ‘project’ is finally coming together, just had to lay out a border which wasn’t playing the game I wanted it to!  Eventually the problem was solved, lots of swearing, jumper thrown across the room as it was making me too hot and about 500 more grey hairs accounted for!!!!  And we have lift off, just pinning it altogether, then a few more strip borders to cut, a beast border then hopefully a piccie or two!!!

I shall warn you now though, don’t expect it for next week!!  Try and aim for mid to late Feb!!!! Hahahaha!!

Enjoy your week!!! 🙂

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4 Responses to Sometimes….

  1. Caz says:

    Can’t wait to see this project,,,

  2. maggi21 says:

    Look forward to seeing it, will you have enough room to photograph it??

  3. Joan says:

    Sounds as if it will be wonderful xx

    Thank you for the fabric it’s lovely xxxx

  4. Kerstin says:

    sound like you need a wide eye lens. lol. looking forward to see it.

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