Relaxing week….

Yep, this week is lovely!  Am managing to have a fabulous lie in every day so far, apart from yesterday, but that was definitely worth it!!!  Haven’t touched the ‘project’ it’s still in disgrace up the corner, hee hee!  I have some blocks to make for a swap I am in and a block so that is keeping me busy, plus I am reading a really good book so am distracted until next week when we shall reunite!!!  Beware of very dark clouds and anger!!!

So, yesterday was Valentine’s Day, I was lucky with my pressies, all I said I would like was a certain book which I had ordered on Amazon, (and arrived yesterday morning!) but Clint being Clint who has selective hearing (don’t they all!) bought me this…

valentines day 014

I also got a single red rose which I put with reb’s roses..

valentines day 016

Aren’t they lovely!  The other lovely thing from yesterday was my new TV turning up.  I have named her Lovely Girl as she is an LG, she is a big ole gal though…..

valentines day 017

All I am looking forward to is seeing a 42″ Mr Darcy and a 42″ Mr Buble, might have to invest in some Tena’s, things could get messy!!!  Hahahahahaha!!!  If anyone would care to join me…..

Until next time……….. enjoy your weekend and I shall enjoy mine, as I am still on holiday!!! 🙂

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2 Responses to Relaxing week….

  1. maggi21 says:

    Lovely presents you lucky girl. Mmmm a 42″ Mr Darcy!!!

  2. Not forgetting Mr. B….. You got some nice goodies there my girl. Selective hearing?? Now where do I know that from??

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