Time for a change….

Well, it’s all happening here!!!

I am moving departments at work soon, after 3 years and 4 months they are taking me out of the canteen and putting me on checkouts!!!  Have told them it will be a mistake as if I see some nice food going past me I will just sit there and eat it, not to mention crack open the wine and quoff it!!!  If a customer is horrible to me I shall break their eggs, squash their bread and shake their coke!!!  Hahahaha!!!

I will miss the cooking and having a laugh but at least I still have a job and maybe it will be good for me to try something new, really hope I don’t get too bored though as there was always so much to be done in the canteen, I was never stuck for things to do.

The good thing is, I am still doing the same hours and it means myself and Clint will get the same holidays now without any stress or arguments.

Speaking of Clint, that old dog has gone to Bratislava for the weekend with 7 other mates, crazy fools!!  To celebrate a 50th birthday, (not his, that’s next year!!)  So I am enjoying the total peace and all the wine is mine, so much so that I specifically went out and bought a box!!  It’s so much easier just to press the tap as tip a bottle!!! LOL!!

bratislava boys Would you let this lot back in the UK???  I wouldn’t!!!

Not much sewing being done, just a few swaps I am in and they shall be posted today, a few hexagons made for mum’s group and with a bit of luck I should get some for myself later.  Not started the quilting yet on the BOM, plenty of time yet!

Am off now as need to go post office and a few other jobs to do, will keep you posted of when I start my new job!!

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4 Responses to Time for a change….

  1. Caz says:

    Welcome to the front of house, NN. I work in a supermarket,, and know what you will be up against!

  2. Maggi says:

    Good luck with the new job. I’ve worked on checkouts and found it hard to be civil at times. Why on earth go to Bratislava to risk being arrested? At least you know what to expect with the British police!!! Hope they all got back safely.

  3. They never do get it right, eejits. I have to say I loved being on checkouts, but these days would find it very hard to be civil as Maggi says. They will regret moving you, I feel sure about that, we know who they should move don’t we!!!!
    Exactly Maggi, all that way kust to stand in a darn pub. Thickos if you ask me.

  4. Kerstin says:

    good luck with the new job. Just make the best out of it.

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