So!!  I have decided now is the time for me to learn to drive!! Watch out Northampton, Netty has her provisional and is determined that I will be driving by the end of this year or next!!  So far I have had 3 lessons and 1 with Clint, have had lots of tears already where I have been frustrated with myself but after a huge kick up the arse and a right talking too, I AM going to do this, reasons are as follow…….

1. For me, to prove to myself I can do it and because I want to.

2. For Rebecca, so we can go out in school holidays and find new places to get lost!!! (Love an adventure!!)

3. So I can help Mum and Dad as they have helped me throughout my life and it’s my time now to take them out! (Not in the literal sense!!)

4. For Clint, so he doesn’t have to take me everywhere, plus we can split the driving when we go to Wales, and he wants me to drive, mad fool!!!

Lots to learn and remember though, but I will do it even if it takes me a while.  Dad laughed when I told him all I could do was turn left at the moment, he asked why, so I said because the instructor hasn’t told me to go right yet!!!! Am sure on Monday I will be going right!!! Have done the kangaroo bop with Clint this week, not much fun so need to sort my feet out on that as don’t think Mum’s neck could cope with that!!!  LOL!!!  Have told her when I do pass, maybe to disconnect her head and put it under her arm might be the best solution!!!  Hahahaha!!!


Work is fine, am loving being on the checkouts, having a giggle laughing at what people buy and how much they spend!!! I get a bit sick when I go over £50 but some people, £180 – £250!!!  Mad!! Wish I had their money!!

So, that’s my news!!  Am off now to grab some lunch, play my music, little bit of ironing and try and catch up with swaps!! Until next time…………

Beep Beep!!

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3 Responses to “L”

  1. Kerstin says:

    congratulations on coming through with doing your license. I would not know how I would get along without one.
    The only worry I would have is that you all drive on the wrong side of the street. lol.
    hugs Kerstin

  2. You will do it, with Di on your back you will have to, haahahaha well done. I wish I had. Yes it is amazing on the checkouts when you see what folk spend. They say there is a recession, not at the checkouts….

  3. Maggi says:

    Oh my goodness, do I need to keep away from the Northampton area??? As a customer I’m always amaze at the amount people buy. Can’t remember when I last used a trolley, all mine fits into a basket.

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