A trip out!

Yesterday, I had a trip out with Mum and Pat.  We went on an adventure on the bus to Leicester Market!!  It was a lovely day sitting and gazing out the window at all the lovely villages and countryside before we got to our destination, an hour and a half it took, bus was packed full of peeps and very expensive!!  so will only go when I really, really have to!!

We went purely for a specific fabric stall, and I have to say I did have a spend, I wasn’t go to buy as much as I did but at the end of the day I can’t afford to go every time!!  Think in total I bought about 6 good pieces of fabric, all different, can be used for anything, so am happy with my purchases.  Pat was very good and only bought what she wanted, Mum, however went beserk!!!  Hahahaha!!  And why not!!  She hasn’t been out for a while so it’s good to treat yourself now and then!  I forgot to take piccies today, so will take them when I finish work tomorrow and share them with you.  Thanks you two mad women for a lovely day out, it was fun and looking forward to doing it another time.xx

A while back am sure I said I was in a Row by Row swap with Popular Patchwork magazine, I have finally got all my rows now and here they are…..

swaps 003 (768x1024)

Brown and Cream.  Not sure what I shall do with them yet, but as they are mine there’s no rush now, I can finish it when I am ready.

Still, not much sewing going on, too busy concentrating on the driving and learning the theory side of it, so much to do and remember……….  it’s slowly sinking in though, at least I hope it is!!!  Not going to put in for my theory test for a while as want to make sure I don’t waste my money, there are two parts to the test and if I fail one part I have to re-take it all again, finances will not let me do that and I don’t particulalrly want to either!!

More pictures will follow another day, I need to go to sleep now as lovely work for next three days!!!  Oh the joy!!

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2 Responses to A trip out!

  1. Yep had a great time, thank you for carrying my mega heavy bag of goodies…we shall have to go again, with Debs next time.

  2. Maggi says:

    Glad you enjoyed your day out and I hope you all left some fabric for other people to buy. I like your rows. Glad to hear that the driving is still going well.

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