Catching up!

Here I am again, waiting for my driving instructor, so thought I’d quickly get a post in before I zoom away!!

These are the fabrics I bought from Leicester the other week, am getting so lazy in doing anything these days, everytime I’m on the computer I get sidetracked and then when I shut it down I remember what I was going on for!!!  Too much going on in my head me thinks!!!

new 001 (1024x768)

Aren’t they lovely!!  Am really pleased with them, no idea what I shall do with them yet, apart from the blue with green flowers, I have that set aside for a bag when I can be bothered, and when I can learn to follow a bag pattern!!! 🙂

Popping into town this afternoon to pick some shoes up I ordered for Reb for a wedding we are going to next month.  Clint’s neice is getting hitched and we have all been invited so it should be good, as at least we get to meet the Marler clan all in one go, sounds like there’s blooming loads of them!!  It is in Richmond, London then on to Putney Rowing Club for the reception!  POSH!!   Clint is going to wear his RAF NO.1 dress uniform so thought I’d best make an effort as he does look rather nice in it!!!  Will post pictures after the event.  Remember though it’s not till next month so don’t go expecting any yet!!!

Got to go now as time is moving and I’m gonna be late if I don’t post this in time!!!

Enjoy your day!!!  Am off for a Beep Beep!!!



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3 Responses to Catching up!

  1. Maggi says:

    I know someone who makes bags who would be able to help you if you got stuck 🙂

  2. All go at yours innit!!!??? I wish I had bought some of that blue at the bottom of your pisture now, we may have to go again.

  3. haha maybe that was how I was feeling!!! It should of course say piCture, we will go again I am sure.

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