Well the weekend has been and gone and I didn’t get round to putting the pictures up that I said I would!!!  How can it go so quickly???  Well, due to the fact that I was at work and then decided to blitz one of my cupboards and the bedroom, I must be officially mad is all I can say!!  The good thing is it is all done now, my wardrobe is now in my cupboard, lots more space in the bedroom now and a car full of rubbish for the tip!!!  Oh the joy!!  Just have to do the other cupboard at some point this year too!!

Anyway, here are the said photos…

celia and stuart wedding 102 celia and stuart wedding 138 celia and stuart wedding 161 celia and stuart wedding 162 celia and stuart wedding 178 celia and stuart wedding 207 celia and stuart wedding 193celia and stuart wedding 135

That was our view from the rowing club, we spent quite a bit of time outside watching the boats and planes overhead!!  Couldn’t afford to live there though…. the houses across the water were just under £1,000,000.000!!!  ARGHH!!!  We can but dream!!

Looking forward to this weekend, straight after work on sunday, (well after packing!) we are off to Wales for 10 whole days!!!  Cannot wait to escape the neighbours!!!  🙂  The good thing is in Lampeter at the quilt museum is an exhibition of Kaffe Fassett Quilts!!!  Guess where I’m going!!!!  Clint and Reb can go to the pub opposite!!!  Happy days!!!

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6 Responses to Relaxing!

  1. maggi21 says:

    Gorgeous photos. Looks like the Thames, in which case I’m surprised that there was anything under a million 🙂

  2. Yep believe it was Richmond and then Putney, almost my old stomping ground!! 10 days!! I thought it was 4!!!!!!

  3. haha bet Clint made you put that plane on there!!

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