I missed the F.O.Q.

OK, I have found more piccies to share with you. 🙂

As I didn’t make it to the Festival of Quilts this year because we were in Wales at Clint’s mums, I did manage to see a quilt show in Lampeter!!  None other than the man himself, Kaffe Fassett..

He had loaned their quilt museum a stash of his gorgeous creations and hung them brilliantly, (although no good for mum if she had come with us, because of her neck!!) They also had their own display of Welsh quilts all around the room, absolutely gorgeous every single one of them.

kaffe in wales 048kaffe in wales 049

I wanted to post a slideshow of them all, but not knowing how to do it, I didn’t!!  Think you would soon get bored of so many pictures and the post would be never ending!!  I shall have to investigate the slideshow option!!

The other good thing about being in the museum was as soon as you came out of it there just happened to be a quilt shop called Calico Kate, this was fabulous, so many different ‘rooms’ of fabrics and yes I did make a bit of a purchase, hahahaha!!!  Not as much as what I would have spent at FOQ though 🙂

Am looking forward to going there again, am wondering if maybe I could squeeze a trip for my ‘special number’ birthday this year???  Bit of retail therapy maybe??? Am sure a bit more driving practice is called for!!!!!

Am still off work at the moment so am doing some hand quilting for a change, it’s quite nice as I don’t have to put the heating on yet, not whilst I’m under it!!  Cannot seem to find a photo of it on my computer so will take one tomorrow of my progress so far, am hoping to get it finished this year!! Am thinking it will be a wall hanging as it’s not that big, who knows though, am sure I shall change my mind several times before it gets finished.

Until next time 🙂  Happy sewing

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2 Responses to I missed the F.O.Q.

  1. When you have loaded your piks, you go to where it says post on site or somat like that and you have the option to do singles a slide show or somat else which I cannot remember I found that much out if nowt else.
    They do look good and I don’t blame him for hanging them on the ceiling so many quilts are being ‘lifted’ of late. I am sure you could manage a trip for your @@BIG@@ birthday this year, have a word with the boyo. hahaha mum x

  2. Maggi says:

    He’s not my favourite person although I do like his knitting. The quilts look great hung like that though. Glad you are finding something sewy to do while you are still not well. Make sure you get well soon xx

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