Doing it by hand!!

Annette McElroy, Northampton, United Kingdom

I am still off work, it’s been three weekends now so have decided to crack on with my Mystery Monday quilt I started a few years ago, May 2011!! (cannot believe it’s been that long since I started this quilt!)  Am hand quilting so obviously it’s taking a long time!!

mystery 001 mystery 002 mystery 003 mystery 004 mystery 005 mystery 006 mystery 007

Am quite pleased with how it’s turned out so far.  I am so lucky in that Barbara Chainey designed the quilting pattern for me 🙂 Thank you so much xx

Incase you were wondering what Mystery Monday is here is the link to the blog:

I enjoyed doing it every week, but was dying to know how it looked at the end, the only problem then was, which pattern style do I choose!!

I have to say a big thank you  to my friend Maggi, (see below) as if it wasn’t for her printing out my picture of the quilt and taking it to one of Barbara’s classes, I would still be sat here looking at it!!!  Maggi has a fabulous blog and dyes her own fabric, her work is fantastic and the fabric is GORGEOUS!!  Thank you Maggi xx

So, hope you enjoy the pics and will crack on with it now,  will take another picture in the week to check my progress!!  Until next time….

Happy sewing 🙂


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2 Responses to Doing it by hand!!

  1. Maggi says:

    ha, ha. I wondered if that was the quilt you were talking about in your last post. It’s looking really good and Barbara would be proud of you for hand quilting it. Mine is all layered up still but also rolled up in a corner somewhere. I will get around to finishing it one day! Was it really that long ago??

  2. Looks great, well done on quilting by hand I know you like doing that, I used to but things happen and bam you can’t do it any more. Keep going you will soon have it done, then where will it be headed for???? hahahaha mum x

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