Lazy Blogger

OMG!! I cannot believe I haven’t done my blog since last year, I am so lazy or probably busy, not too sure which at the moment.

Well, a lot has happened since last time……. The good news is I passed my driving test first time!!! Woohoo!! Am so happy that I did and the day before my birthday which added no pressure whatsoever!! Man, was I feeling sick that day, mind you I was a bit evil when I got home, heehee!! I rang my dad and told him I’d passed, (mum was ill, so she didn’t find out till later in the week!) then I rang Clint and told him I’d FAILED!!! Was nasty I know but it had to be done!! When he came home with Reb, they both looked so sad and upset for me and said “Not to worry, you can do it again”, “yeah, I spose”, I said, and then after a while I said “Oh well it’s a good job I passed then ain’t it!!!!” The looks on their faces were priceless!! Reb cried then blamed me for making her feel ill and Clint just roared!! Meantime I was peeing myself on the sofa laughing at the pair of them, drama queens!!!!!

buble 294 (1024x768)

Have been driving tons since then, love it and definitely glad I did it. All that I need now is my own car and then I would never be seen again!! I get to use Clint’s car, but when he starts at stupid o’clock in the morning I don’t feel like getting up that early!! I shall have a think of what to do!!!

So that was that, the day after my test was my 40th birthday, went to Birmingham for the German Christmas Market, had a gluhwein which was rather sweet, (mind you, I did need it especially after getting very squiffy celebrating the night before!) went to Pizza Express for dinner where Clint decided to propose to me, stupid boy!!! He and Reb had planned it all apparently, so I now have not just one little bugger but two, to contend with!!!

buble 346

So, we are still together, he moved in over Christmas, not much room left now in the flat due to all the stuff he buys off ebay! No sewing has been done since, as have been doing overtime at work and am always out and about. But that will all change from next week as I need to work on my huge BOM quilt. 🙂

Lots more pictures to share but I have to re-size them all first and that takes a long time……. speak soon 🙂

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3 Responses to Lazy Blogger

  1. maggi21 says:

    You may not have blogged much but it is good that things are going so well for you, you deserve the happiness that appears to be coming your way. And don”t worry, you’re more than a match for Rebecca and Clint xx

  2. You made it then, back to blogging. Gonna take you a while to catch up ha ha ha good start though. lol mum xx

  3. Kerstin says:

    good to hear that you are doing great. Congrats to passing the test and a Happy Belated Birthday.

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