I seem to be having a crap time of it all lately, so I have come on here to de stress as I have nowhere else to do it. My shed was broken into over the weekend, luckily our bikes weren’t stolen as I moved them the minute I got home. I had a stupid woman reverse very nearly into the front of our car. I had a man very nearly reverse into me whilst I was on a pedestrian area trying to remember where I parked the car. My partner’s job is not looking very secure at the moment. Rebecca’s teacher’s are all morons. My internet keeps crashing. Football is on every night. I have just finished reading a book which was weird and crap, why I carried on is a mystery to me, I must be deranged. I have a serious lack of space in my flat, but do I complain about it, no I flipping don’t. I want more permanent hours at work which I won’t get. I want to scream and smash something up. Why does it take so long to get through to the council to ask a question. Trying to find the police number is ridiculous, am sure it used to be 999. That’ll do. for now

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3 Responses to Venting!

  1. Yep you are having a bad time of it right now, hopefully things will get better soon. At least we know one of the things will disappear – football – thank goodness. Keep your chin up. lol mum xxxxxx

  2. maggi21 says:

    Hope things get better soon. As Jan says, at least the football is temporary. New police number is 101 (wherever you are in the country) – 999 for emergencies.

  3. sheppeylass says:

    Oh, dear! Having a pretty crappy time too-vent as much as you like! But expect by now you’ve picked yourself up, dusted yourself down and are getting on with it. Like women do.

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