The Quilt Show

So, I finally have a bit of peace and hopefully can get the rest of the pictures loaded!!

The quilt show was situated in Cae Hir Gardens which if you click on it should take you to their page.

Clint actually offered to come with me, I nearly fell over in shock! So he was finding all the quilts via the catalogue and telling me about them whilst I took the photos! How’s that for teamwork!! Although I have to say there was an ulterior motive for him coming with me, he wanted to go and find another of his ROC posts!!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures as I certainly did that day, and it has given me a boost to actually get back into my sewing again and enter the competition next year, am not going in it to win, I just fancy seeing one of mine hanging in a posh garden!!!! ūüôā

I have put next to the pictures what the quilts were called.  Enjoy.

cae hir gardens 025 Charm daisies and The Swan

cae hir gardens 026 Celtic Interface Scrap Quilt

cae hir gardens 029¬†Rings and Hearts¬† and¬† My friend’s bought me these

cae hir gardens 030 Trade Winds

cae hir gardens 032 Yellow and Green Delight

cae hir gardens 036 I Prefer the Green

cae hir gardens 040 Amish with a Twist

cae hir gardens 042 Red and Black Crazy Log cabin

cae hir gardens 045 Sunshine Colours

cae hir gardens 046 Reise Rammstein

cae hir gardens 048 Kimono РDay and Night

cae hir gardens 050 Green and Purple Stripes

cae hir gardens 055 Little Scraps

cae hir gardens 056 Fireside

cae hir gardens 059 Pictures of New Zealand

cae hir gardens 062 Australian Flowers Charm Pack

cae hir gardens 063 All in the Family

cae hir gardens 064¬†From Miss Jekyll’s Garden

cae hir gardens 065 Tree of Life

cae hir gardens 066 Yellow and Green Delight

cae hir gardens 067 Un-named

cae hir gardens 072¬†Nana’s Heirloom Quilt

cae hir gardens 074 Hand Dyed Calico Quilt

cae hir gardens 076 The Gower Gentleman

I do not understand why my pictures have loaded the way they have, so I apologise. Computer’s and myself do not get on very well!!

So, this will do for now, I have a few more pictures of our holiday to share, but that will be another time, as they are both up now and my peace has gone!!  LOL!!

Until next time ūüôā

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2 Responses to The Quilt Show

  1. maggi21 says:

    Thank you for sharing these, they look so beautiful in that setting. What a pity that such lovely weather can’t always be guaranteed.

  2. WOW they are great aren’t they, did you get me a form too? I would love to see one of my quilts hanging from a tree, we have to take a chance with the weather I know but it looks great fun. Some wonderful quilts there, was trying to spot the winner but think I missed it or didn’t see the ribbon. Hard to choose a favourite. I hope you are going to put the piks up of the actual gardens too, they are superb. A really beautiful place.

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