The Garden

As requested by mum, here are the pictures of Cae Hir Gardens last sunday when I went.  Enjoy!

cae hir gardens 027 cae hir gardens 028 cae hir gardens 033 cae hir gardens 034 cae hir gardens 035 cae hir gardens 037 cae hir gardens 038 cae hir gardens 052 cae hir gardens 053 cae hir gardens 058 cae hir gardens 061 cae hir gardens 070 cae hir gardens 071 cae hir gardens 079 cae hir gardens 080 cae hir gardens 081

Am looking forward to going again next year, was very steep, but at least they had a little tearoom, where we took it upon ourselves to have a cuppa and a slice of coffee and walnut cake!!! Yum Yum!

Just off to have a glass of bubbly as it is the last day of my holiday today, so cheers peeps!!!


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2 Responses to The Garden

  1. Thanks for putting the pictures up, they are brilliant well done, did you know that Bee was on the flower head when you took that picture? ha ha ha What a brilliant place, I would love to visit that it looks really peaceful and the quilts hanging here and there are an added bonus. Definitely going to put at least one quilt in the show for next year…putting thinking cap on right now. A couple of these piks have given me a few ideas, not necessarily for the show just for quilts in the future. mum xx

  2. maggi21 says:

    Wish I had a garden like that, and a gardener to keep it looking that way 🙂

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