A Change……

A change is occuring in the household!!

My little girl will be finishing school this year.

I am now insured on both our cars.

I am finishing with working every day, handed in my notice at school today.  Just 9 days left then holiday and back to working at Morrisons for four days!!!  The relief of having days off is wicked….I can’t wait!!!

We are definitely having a proper holiday this year.

And hopefully, sewing time can re-commence!!!

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3 Responses to A Change……

  1. Maggi says:

    I am so glad that things are coming together for you. You certainly deserve it. But Rebecca being old enough to leave school already??? What are her plans?

  2. stashmaker says:

    Yep, me little girl is growing up and has plans!!!!!

  3. That’s a lot of changes and all to the good. I am so pleased you will finally be getting days off during the week, it has been so hard doing every day. Others will find out for themselves, work doesn’t stop when a woman gets home, it just continues.
    Yep, Rebecca leaving school this year, hooray I say her plans are brilliant well done Rebecca.
    You do look funny driving the red car though….not used to seeing you behind that wheel yet.
    Glad to hear a proper holiday is on the cards for you all.
    Even better you will be able to get back to your sewing.
    All good news,
    love mum x

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