Clinton’s belated 50th birthday present!!

The sun is shining, am still on holiday, I have finished with the school and I start my new hours thursday this week!!  My friend Zana has already booked me in to go for coffee with her next monday!!!  Hahahaha!!

Saturday 4 April was the day Clint got to receive his present from last year, a taxy ride in a Lancaster Bomber.  This was his 50th present which I had arranged from all the family.  Thankfully the weather was dry and when it was his turn the sun came out, so good pictures and he thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Mum and Dad joined us for the day, so thank you both for being there for him.  Think we definitely made his childhood dream come true!!

Clint's Lancaster Day 002 Clint's Lancaster Day 005 Clint's Lancaster Day 012 Clint's Lancaster Day 014 Clint's Lancaster Day 025 Clint's Lancaster Day 028 Clint's Lancaster Day 037 Clint's Lancaster Day 039 Clint's Lancaster Day 045 Clint's Lancaster Day 052 Clint's Lancaster Day 053

We stopped off for dinner at a very posh pub on the way home, a gorgeous meal, starter and mains for Clint and myself, no pudding as we were trying to be good!!!  Rebecca had the most humongous piece of fish and chunky chips ever!!!  However when we did get home we demolished a magnum of Prosecco between us!!!  LOL!!!

Told him this year’s present will be a jelly, and he’ll have to make it up himself as can’t afford anything like last year’s one!!!  Heehee!!!

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday, and hopefully soon my posts will contain some project pictures!!!! 🙂

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3 Responses to Clinton’s belated 50th birthday present!!

  1. Maggi says:

    That is an amazing birthday present. I suspect that after that he’ll be more than happy with jelly 😀

  2. It was a lovely day and we were so pleased Clint finally got his present, so pleased to share it with him too. Never seen him smile so much. Like a kiddie in a sweet shop he was. Well done Clint Happy 50th Birthday from last year xxx

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