Birthday Boy Again!!!

This monday was Clint’s birthday,  (seems like he must be the queen as the previous post was about last year’s one too!!)  I had arranged to give him a surprise trip.

I took him to RAF Coningsby to see The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, and then we had a sneaky trip further up to good old Skegness!!  The weather was pure blue sky and sunshine, it was however really cold, but we were at the seaside!!  Took lots of pictures and he really enjoyed the day, so all good, Net did well again!!!

new camera 006 new camera 007 new camera 012 new camera 021 new camera 044 new camera 048 new camera 054 new camera 059 13520_1026296720731136_5412839161455604555_n 11182193_1026296700731138_6415750400628440474_n

Looking forward to the next outing!!!  Camera will definitely be used lots now!!!

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One Response to Birthday Boy Again!!!

  1. Let’s hope he doesn’t think he will get all this attention every year, the Queen indeed!!!!

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