A Change……

A change is occuring in the household!!

My little girl will be finishing school this year.

I am now insured on both our cars.

I am finishing with working every day, handed in my notice at school today.  Just 9 days left then holiday and back to working at Morrisons for four days!!!  The relief of having days off is wicked….I can’t wait!!!

We are definitely having a proper holiday this year.

And hopefully, sewing time can re-commence!!!

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The Garden

As requested by mum, here are the pictures of Cae Hir Gardens last sunday when I went.  Enjoy!

cae hir gardens 027 cae hir gardens 028 cae hir gardens 033 cae hir gardens 034 cae hir gardens 035 cae hir gardens 037 cae hir gardens 038 cae hir gardens 052 cae hir gardens 053 cae hir gardens 058 cae hir gardens 061 cae hir gardens 070 cae hir gardens 071 cae hir gardens 079 cae hir gardens 080 cae hir gardens 081

Am looking forward to going again next year, was very steep, but at least they had a little tearoom, where we took it upon ourselves to have a cuppa and a slice of coffee and walnut cake!!! Yum Yum!

Just off to have a glass of bubbly as it is the last day of my holiday today, so cheers peeps!!!


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The Quilt Show

So, I finally have a bit of peace and hopefully can get the rest of the pictures loaded!!

The quilt show was situated in Cae Hir Gardens which if you click on it should take you to their page.

Clint actually offered to come with me, I nearly fell over in shock! So he was finding all the quilts via the catalogue and telling me about them whilst I took the photos! How’s that for teamwork!! Although I have to say there was an ulterior motive for him coming with me, he wanted to go and find another of his ROC posts!!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures as I certainly did that day, and it has given me a boost to actually get back into my sewing again and enter the competition next year, am not going in it to win, I just fancy seeing one of mine hanging in a posh garden!!!! 🙂

I have put next to the pictures what the quilts were called.  Enjoy.

cae hir gardens 025 Charm daisies and The Swan

cae hir gardens 026 Celtic Interface Scrap Quilt

cae hir gardens 029 Rings and Hearts  and  My friend’s bought me these

cae hir gardens 030 Trade Winds

cae hir gardens 032 Yellow and Green Delight

cae hir gardens 036 I Prefer the Green

cae hir gardens 040 Amish with a Twist

cae hir gardens 042 Red and Black Crazy Log cabin

cae hir gardens 045 Sunshine Colours

cae hir gardens 046 Reise Rammstein

cae hir gardens 048 Kimono – Day and Night

cae hir gardens 050 Green and Purple Stripes

cae hir gardens 055 Little Scraps

cae hir gardens 056 Fireside

cae hir gardens 059 Pictures of New Zealand

cae hir gardens 062 Australian Flowers Charm Pack

cae hir gardens 063 All in the Family

cae hir gardens 064 From Miss Jekyll’s Garden

cae hir gardens 065 Tree of Life

cae hir gardens 066 Yellow and Green Delight

cae hir gardens 067 Un-named

cae hir gardens 072 Nana’s Heirloom Quilt

cae hir gardens 074 Hand Dyed Calico Quilt

cae hir gardens 076 The Gower Gentleman

I do not understand why my pictures have loaded the way they have, so I apologise. Computer’s and myself do not get on very well!!

So, this will do for now, I have a few more pictures of our holiday to share, but that will be another time, as they are both up now and my peace has gone!!  LOL!!

Until next time 🙂

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A sneak peek!!

cae hir gardens 078

Am loving this!!!

On holiday at the mo, and have decided to share a piccie with you until I can sort the rest out with decent internet at home.


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I seem to be having a crap time of it all lately, so I have come on here to de stress as I have nowhere else to do it. My shed was broken into over the weekend, luckily our bikes weren’t stolen as I moved them the minute I got home. I had a stupid woman reverse very nearly into the front of our car. I had a man very nearly reverse into me whilst I was on a pedestrian area trying to remember where I parked the car. My partner’s job is not looking very secure at the moment. Rebecca’s teacher’s are all morons. My internet keeps crashing. Football is on every night. I have just finished reading a book which was weird and crap, why I carried on is a mystery to me, I must be deranged. I have a serious lack of space in my flat, but do I complain about it, no I flipping don’t. I want more permanent hours at work which I won’t get. I want to scream and smash something up. Why does it take so long to get through to the council to ask a question. Trying to find the police number is ridiculous, am sure it used to be 999. That’ll do. for now

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She’s 15 today!!!!!!

Today is my gorgeous daughter, Rebecca’s birthday. Fifteen years old already!!! Getting and looking more grown up every day, as tall as me now and getting very expensive taste, not a bargain bird like her mother!! Hahaha!!

Hope you had and are still having a fabulous day babe, love you lots xxxxxxx

I decided to take some pictures of my mum and dad with her this time, grandparents with their granddaughter!!


llangollen n reb bday 15 025 (1024x768)

llangollen n reb bday 15 026 (768x1024)

llangollen n reb bday 15 027 (768x1024)

llangollen n reb bday 15 029 (768x1024)

llangollen n reb bday 15 030 (1024x768)

llangollen n reb bday 15 031 (1024x768)

llangollen n reb bday 15 032 (1024x768)

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Lazy Blogger

OMG!! I cannot believe I haven’t done my blog since last year, I am so lazy or probably busy, not too sure which at the moment.

Well, a lot has happened since last time……. The good news is I passed my driving test first time!!! Woohoo!! Am so happy that I did and the day before my birthday which added no pressure whatsoever!! Man, was I feeling sick that day, mind you I was a bit evil when I got home, heehee!! I rang my dad and told him I’d passed, (mum was ill, so she didn’t find out till later in the week!) then I rang Clint and told him I’d FAILED!!! Was nasty I know but it had to be done!! When he came home with Reb, they both looked so sad and upset for me and said “Not to worry, you can do it again”, “yeah, I spose”, I said, and then after a while I said “Oh well it’s a good job I passed then ain’t it!!!!” The looks on their faces were priceless!! Reb cried then blamed me for making her feel ill and Clint just roared!! Meantime I was peeing myself on the sofa laughing at the pair of them, drama queens!!!!!

buble 294 (1024x768)

Have been driving tons since then, love it and definitely glad I did it. All that I need now is my own car and then I would never be seen again!! I get to use Clint’s car, but when he starts at stupid o’clock in the morning I don’t feel like getting up that early!! I shall have a think of what to do!!!

So that was that, the day after my test was my 40th birthday, went to Birmingham for the German Christmas Market, had a gluhwein which was rather sweet, (mind you, I did need it especially after getting very squiffy celebrating the night before!) went to Pizza Express for dinner where Clint decided to propose to me, stupid boy!!! He and Reb had planned it all apparently, so I now have not just one little bugger but two, to contend with!!!

buble 346

So, we are still together, he moved in over Christmas, not much room left now in the flat due to all the stuff he buys off ebay! No sewing has been done since, as have been doing overtime at work and am always out and about. But that will all change from next week as I need to work on my huge BOM quilt. 🙂

Lots more pictures to share but I have to re-size them all first and that takes a long time……. speak soon 🙂

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