Been angry!!

I have been angry for quite a while now, so fed up with everything, that I have now decided enough is enough!!

After seven months of work being done to the flat, it’s still not finished, so I’m just not interested in it anymore.  I actually hate it now.

I am decluttering big time, today Reb and I hit the tip and charity shop!  Got some more to do next week too.  I have decided I just want one room that is minimalist and the crap is moving out……just wish I could!!!

I am going to get back into my sewing at some point, mind you saying that, I did do some last month which mum quilted for me as there was no way I would have got it finished this year!!!  Here are the pictures… thank you so much mum xxx

hexies 013 (1024x768) hexies 005 (1024x768) hexies 016 (1024x768) hexies 024 (1024x768) hexies 027 (1024x768)

I gave the above quilt to my friends Diane & Rob who got engaged last month.  Diane is a lady who I worked with at school lunchtimes and we are going to remain friends, she is lovely and makes fantastic cakes and only lives about 10 minutes away!!  They are an amazing lovely couple, so friendly and caring.  And she wants to learn how to make a quilt, so one day we are going to get together and have a sew day!!!

I am on holiday in about three weeks time, so hopefully I should have the room to commence a project.  I need to do ‘me’ stuff, haven’t for a very long time and it’s now beginning to pee me off.  I have a cupboard full of fabric, zillions of books and god knows how many machines!!!  I need more time and to be left alone so I can crack on!!!!

Rebecca is still doing her G.C.S.E.s, only eight more to do, then finally finished at that school.  Am looking forward to the last day so much, am literally going to burn her uniform.  Might even do it in the school grounds!!!

Oh to be happy!!!

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One Response to Been angry!!

  1. Maggi says:

    I’m sure that you’ll start to feel better about the place when you’ve decluttered. Lovely job on the quilt for your friend, how nice to have a talented mum to help out. Enjoy your holiday.

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