Where did the time go……..

Cannot believe it’s been two years since I’ve done my blog.   Oooops!!

So much has happened, am not sure where to begin, might just pop some pictures on for a start!!

The big news of last year was Clint and myself got married, after two lovely ladies I knew sadly passed away we decided that life is too short, so took the plunge and enjoyed every moment of our day.


We had our honeymoon in Llangollen, at a beautiful place called The Chainbridge Hotel.  Would definitely recommend it as was absolutely stunning and the food was amazing.  Hoping to go back there someday.


If you turn left out of the hotel and walk along the canalside, you come across this beautiful horseshoe falls.  It is so peaceful sitting there just watching.


The added bonus of the hotel, is directly in front of you a steam train chugs past a few times a day!!!


Hoping I can persuade hubby to go again soon!!  Might have to bribe him with their sticky toffee pudding…… it did keep him quiet after all!!!! Lol!!

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2 Responses to Where did the time go……..

  1. Janet says:

    Yep time flies, I cant remember the last time I updated any of my blogs, must do it and get back into it and not do facebook so much. Great pictures, that place is so beautiful.

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