We went to Cornwall

We went to Cornwall last year for a change and I am so glad we did.  The place is absolutely amazing.  I never realised just how blue the sea was down there, it has definitely got the WOW factor.

We stayed in a place called Cambourne which was ideally situated as the nearest beach was about 10 minutes away, and let’s face it, every beach is beautiful!!

I am definitely going to go again, my aim is to start at the top and work my way down the coast!!! My first port of call will be Port Isaac which is where the programme Doc Martin is filmed.

But for now I shall let you enjoy my pictures, these are only a few I took!!!  Couldn’t stop clicking!!!

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Where did the time go……..

Cannot believe it’s been two years since I’ve done my blog.   Oooops!!

So much has happened, am not sure where to begin, might just pop some pictures on for a start!!

The big news of last year was Clint and myself got married, after two lovely ladies I knew sadly passed away we decided that life is too short, so took the plunge and enjoyed every moment of our day.


We had our honeymoon in Llangollen, at a beautiful place called The Chainbridge Hotel.  Would definitely recommend it as was absolutely stunning and the food was amazing.  Hoping to go back there someday.


If you turn left out of the hotel and walk along the canalside, you come across this beautiful horseshoe falls.  It is so peaceful sitting there just watching.


The added bonus of the hotel, is directly in front of you a steam train chugs past a few times a day!!!


Hoping I can persuade hubby to go again soon!!  Might have to bribe him with their sticky toffee pudding…… it did keep him quiet after all!!!! Lol!!

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Been angry!!

I have been angry for quite a while now, so fed up with everything, that I have now decided enough is enough!!

After seven months of work being done to the flat, it’s still not finished, so I’m just not interested in it anymore.  I actually hate it now.

I am decluttering big time, today Reb and I hit the tip and charity shop!  Got some more to do next week too.  I have decided I just want one room that is minimalist and the crap is moving out……just wish I could!!!

I am going to get back into my sewing at some point, mind you saying that, I did do some last month which mum quilted for me as there was no way I would have got it finished this year!!!  Here are the pictures… thank you so much mum xxx

hexies 013 (1024x768) hexies 005 (1024x768) hexies 016 (1024x768) hexies 024 (1024x768) hexies 027 (1024x768)

I gave the above quilt to my friends Diane & Rob who got engaged last month.  Diane is a lady who I worked with at school lunchtimes and we are going to remain friends, she is lovely and makes fantastic cakes and only lives about 10 minutes away!!  They are an amazing lovely couple, so friendly and caring.  And she wants to learn how to make a quilt, so one day we are going to get together and have a sew day!!!

I am on holiday in about three weeks time, so hopefully I should have the room to commence a project.  I need to do ‘me’ stuff, haven’t for a very long time and it’s now beginning to pee me off.  I have a cupboard full of fabric, zillions of books and god knows how many machines!!!  I need more time and to be left alone so I can crack on!!!!

Rebecca is still doing her G.C.S.E.s, only eight more to do, then finally finished at that school.  Am looking forward to the last day so much, am literally going to burn her uniform.  Might even do it in the school grounds!!!

Oh to be happy!!!

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Beautiful 16!!

Today is my Rebecca’s sixteenth birthday!!  Got spoilt rotten, she had to be after having to do three gcse’s today!!

I even had a special cake made for her!!!

reb 16 035 reb 16 042 reb 16 044 reb 16 053 reb 16 058 11165146_1033539393340202_310549641598047678_n

Hope you had a lovely day, love you lots xxxx

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Birthday Boy Again!!!

This monday was Clint’s birthday,  (seems like he must be the queen as the previous post was about last year’s one too!!)  I had arranged to give him a surprise trip.

I took him to RAF Coningsby to see The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, and then we had a sneaky trip further up to good old Skegness!!  The weather was pure blue sky and sunshine, it was however really cold, but we were at the seaside!!  Took lots of pictures and he really enjoyed the day, so all good, Net did well again!!!

new camera 006 new camera 007 new camera 012 new camera 021 new camera 044 new camera 048 new camera 054 new camera 059 13520_1026296720731136_5412839161455604555_n 11182193_1026296700731138_6415750400628440474_n

Looking forward to the next outing!!!  Camera will definitely be used lots now!!!

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Check out the craters!!

How cool are these pictures !!!

Can you believe I took it with my new camera!!  Am happy with that!!!

new camera 084 new camera 086

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Clinton’s belated 50th birthday present!!

The sun is shining, am still on holiday, I have finished with the school and I start my new hours thursday this week!!  My friend Zana has already booked me in to go for coffee with her next monday!!!  Hahahaha!!

Saturday 4 April was the day Clint got to receive his present from last year, a taxy ride in a Lancaster Bomber.  This was his 50th present which I had arranged from all the family.  Thankfully the weather was dry and when it was his turn the sun came out, so good pictures and he thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Mum and Dad joined us for the day, so thank you both for being there for him.  Think we definitely made his childhood dream come true!!

Clint's Lancaster Day 002 Clint's Lancaster Day 005 Clint's Lancaster Day 012 Clint's Lancaster Day 014 Clint's Lancaster Day 025 Clint's Lancaster Day 028 Clint's Lancaster Day 037 Clint's Lancaster Day 039 Clint's Lancaster Day 045 Clint's Lancaster Day 052 Clint's Lancaster Day 053

We stopped off for dinner at a very posh pub on the way home, a gorgeous meal, starter and mains for Clint and myself, no pudding as we were trying to be good!!!  Rebecca had the most humongous piece of fish and chunky chips ever!!!  However when we did get home we demolished a magnum of Prosecco between us!!!  LOL!!!



Told him this year’s present will be a jelly, and he’ll have to make it up himself as can’t afford anything like last year’s one!!!  Heehee!!!

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday, and hopefully soon my posts will contain some project pictures!!!! 🙂

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