At last!!!!

I have finally managed to locate my sewing machine and gave it a bit of a bashing today!!! YAY!

I wanted to add a border on a secret project which I have had draped over my machine since last month, so finally it is done and pressed and ready to be passed on to the next person. I can’t show you a piccie of it yet though as it has one more journey and border to be added before it reaches it’s destination!!! :-)))

I also made a start on the contents of the red tub (above), just joining the squares which are in there somewhere! ready to make a quilt for my neighbour’s daughter, I promised her last august holiday and just never got round to it, so that will be another priority to get done first!!!

Tomorrow Reb is back to school and I have the day to myself again!!! Although it is already taken up with ironing, waiting for some parcels and post if any?? and taking the christmas decs down with a little bit of singing/ crooning along to music!!! So probably no sewing till later on, but not to worry, must get the lounge sorted as it is a major mess at the mo and will be nice to be able to move again. :-))))

Happy sewing!
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2 Responses to >LET US SEW, LET US SEW, LET US SEW!!!!

  1. >Looking forward to seeing your secret project! Happy New Year!

  2. Net's Place says:

    >Thank you and Happy New Year to you too! :-))

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